Maty's Product Review

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
At Maty's they believe:
"We believe medical advancements have allowed us to live longer and healthier than any other time in history.  We are forever grateful for the drugs and medicine that kept Maty alive during her first five years of life, (read Maty’s story here).  However, we also believe we have become a society where people are resorting to drugs as the first line of defense for too many things, even the smallest of health problems.  And the irony is, the more sophisticated drugs we get, the more unhealthy we become."
"At Maty’s, we believe Mother Nature provides so many powerful healing ingredients that are safe and don’t require a doctor’s visit to get access to them. Our ancestors knew this and alleviated minor symptoms using substances known to them.  These home remedies were effective and in many cases worked even better than modern drugs and medications."
Do they work?  We have tried the All Natural Cough Syrup and the All Natural Vapor Rub (no petroleum jelly!) and I’m happy to say that I’ve seen results!
Without hesitation, I recommend Maty’s and suggest you try their products.  Food-based remedies means it can’t hurt, unless your child has a specific allergy to the product (the cough syrup, for example, contains honey), and you can feel safe having them around your house.  Maty’s get an A+ in this house! Check them out on Facebook too!
Disclaimer: I received a sample of Maty’s Health Products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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