Matys vapor rub

Monday, November 17, 2014

Maty's is a company that it is dedicated to finding natural remedies and creating products that are both safe and effective for our families.  The Maty's all-natural product line ofnatural cough remedies provide relief for cough and cold symptoms and include all-natural cough syrup and kids cough syrup, all-natural vapor rup, baby chest rub and a nasal ointment.  All of the products are free of artificial preservatives and color additives. 


Maty's all natural vapor rub is petroleum free, so it's not as greasy as what I'm used to.  Immediately after opening the jar I could smell the mix of eucalyptus, wintergreen and pepermint.  It was a pleasant scent and not overwhelming.  The vapor rub ingredients include sunflower oil, coconut oil, shea butter, Vitamin E, oils of eucalyuptus, peppermint, pine, wintergreen and cedar leaf.  If you have children that don't like the feeling of it on their chest you can actually use it on their feet to provide relief too.  I often rub it on their feet then have them put on some comfy socks to sleep in.   

I'd recommend Maty's to anyone that is looking for a natural remedy and wants to find products that are safe for the entire family to use.  Visit to learn more about their story and to find out where to buy Maty's products online and instore. 

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Candle Bible Handbook

Thursday, May 22, 2014
Candle Bible Handbook
Any person, Christian or not, who aims to understand Western literature, art, thought, and science must have a working knowledge of the Bible.   After all, it is the most read and most influential book in Western culture over the last two millennia.  In terms of homeschooling, this means that the Bible should be a foundational book in all homeschools.
Of course, this is especially true for Christian homeschools.  As we all know, we Christians should have a deepening and growing knowledge of the God’s Word to us, and we should teach our children about it.
But there is a problem.  The Bible can be a confusing book, especially for young or new Bible readers.  It is long, is made up of many very different books, and is full of unfamiliar names, places, and customs.  Even seasoned Bible readers can use some guidance once in a while.
I have just finished reading the Candle Bible Handbook and love it.  Yes, I have read through the Bible well over two dozen times in my life, studied it, read books about it, and listened to thousands of sermons, but this well-illustrated guide gave me something that all the detailed focus did not:  a bird’s eye view that really ties many ideas together.
Candle Bible Handbook Micah
And it can do even more for our kids who are so much newer to the Bible.
  • It tells them about the big ideas, the main people, and the main points of each book in the Bible
  • It gives an overview of the Bible itself, with explanations of important concepts (Old Testament, tabernacle, Jerusalem, New Testament, the life and times of Jesus, Jesus’ miracles, Paul’s missionary travels, and more), as well as timelines, maps, and informative illustrations.
For each Bible book there is
  • an introduction,
  • an outline of the book,
  • a list of frequently asked questions,
  • some study questions with chapter and verse references,
  • an explanation of an important concept (covenant, musical instruments, other nations, Messiah, festivals, idols, spiritual warfare, justification by faith),
  • a list of things to look for as you read the book, usually themes and major or recurring events, and
  • a handful of quality illustrations.
Appendices discuss big ideas, promises, important passages, and prominent people of the Bible.
This sounds overwhelming, but it is all written simply and clearly, aimed at ages 7 and up but also helpful for teens and adults.
Candle Bible Handbook Hebrews

Candle Bible Handbook Hebrews and James
Of course, with any book about the Bible, we always need to be sure it actually encourages readers to believe and respect the Bible.  It seems to me that the Candle Bible Handbook does a good job of this.  It is faithful to the Bible’s message, points out the gospel, explains difficult concepts simply, and mentions points of contention (like baptism) in a broad, inclusive way.  This book should benefit Bible-believing Christians of all backgrounds.
One sure way to examine the trustworthiness of a book about the Bible is to see what it says about Genesis.  The Candle Bible Handbook is exemplary in its simplicity and brevity:
Q: Is Genesis really true?
A: Yes, we know it is true, because it is part of God’s Word.  Jesus quoted from Genesis a few times.
Very rarely am I impressed by the look of a book, but when I opened the package containing the Bible Candle Handbook, I could not help exclaiming in delight.  It is beautiful, classy, well-bound, and well laid-out.
I am still undecided about how we will use the Candle Bible Handbook in our homeschool.  It will certainly be helpful to our teens who are required to write a report about every book of the Bible for high school. I think it could also be a valuable reference in our mealtime Bible reading.  Perhaps we will actually read through it out loud together, or I may assign it as schoolwork for Miss 11 next year.  One thing I do know for sure: this book will be used in our home.
Unless you already have a simple, comprehensive Bible handbook, I recommend you check out the Candle Bible Handbook.  It is an excellent introduction to the Bible for our children as well as for new Bible readers of any age.  It also provides a helpful bird’s eye view for seasoned Bible readers and makes an excellent reference book.
Please excuse the poor quality photos.  For some reason my camera would not focus well.  Hopefully the photos will still give you an idea of what the book is like.
Disclosure: A copy of this book was provided by Kregel for the purpose of this review; the review represents my own honest opinions.C
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Tommee Tippe Review

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Tommee Tippee Bottles are at the top of my list of things I need for the new baby. Although I planed to nurse my son, Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles are designed to be the closest thing to natural breast feeding. I’ve used them with my second child and was really impressed with the way my baby was able to go from breast to bottle. The super-wide nipple flexes and stretches like the breast and the sensitive anti-colic valve allows babies to feed comfortably with less air and vacuum build-up. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature includes sterilizers, bottles, and feeding accessories and has been designed by breastfeeding moms and health professionals to help babies breastfeed for longer. The extra-wide closer to nature nipple works beautifully, just like mom, authentically flexing and stretching to mimic the look and feel of a natural breast.

Tommee Tippee has recently added the Closer to Nature Added Comfort Bottle, specifically designed to help prevent colic caused by air bubbles in the milk. Did you know that about 25 percent of newborns suffer from colic? While colic is common among infants, the sound of your baby crying for hours can be the hardest thing for a new mom or dad to hear. Tommee Tippee’s Added Comfort Bottle has superior venting with an easy latch-on nipple that reduces the risk of baby ingesting air, helping with fussiness and gas. 
The Closer to Nature Added Comfort Bottles are available in both 5 or 9 oz and are both BPA and phthalate free. Closer to Nature Bottles are available at Babies R Us and range from $10.99 for single and $24.99 for 3-pack

I received this product for review.
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Minky Blanket Tutorial

Monday, April 28, 2014

Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
I’m including a little tutorial, since you can never have too many pointers when sewing with minky dot fabric. I learn something new every time I sew with it! If I can save just one person from the cursing that ensues when you sew with this slippery sucker of a fabric, I’ve done my job.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
This is tutorial will help you with the method of construction. Your specific measurements will vary depending on the size blanket you want to use. I simply made a blanket whose length and width equaled the width of my dining room table! Easy, and the perfect size for a little babe.
First and foremost, I highly recommend pre-washing your fabric and minky backing before you begin. Any time you mix two types of fabrics with different shrink rates, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I did not pre-wash when I made Peg’s blanket and unfortunately when I saw it after she’d washed it I was pretty sad –it shrank weird. So sorry, Peg! Like I said, I learn something new with every project. I haven’t yet reached perfect quilter/sewist/crafter (a/k/a alien) status.
Now that we’ve established I’m human, let’s start. Lay your minky backing on your work surface, facing up, and smooth it out completely. Doing this on a table helps because the overhang keeps the fabric taught when you’ve smoothed it out.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Lay your main fabric on the minky, facing down, then lay your batting on top and smooth out all wrinkles so you have a perfectly flat surface. Note: my main fabric was 44″ wide but the minky I used was 58″ so I had quite a bit of overhang. Which is fine, because I’ll cut it off after the next step.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Now pin the living hell out of your sandwich. You will not regret this –you’ll only regret if you don’t pin enough! Treat this like a quilt and really baste it well. Minky shifts like crazy (especially this type of minky with the little knobs), so you need to stabilize! Then trim away any excess minky.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
To make your blanket a perfect square (or rectangle), here’s how you’ll line everything up.
Place your pinned blanket at the edge of your table, with at least 1/2″ hanging over. Notice my minky and fabric aren’t even, or straight, or pretty. The edge looks pretty yucky. That’s okay! Don’t fret.
Take something with a long, straight edge (I used a dowel I had left over from a home improvement project) and line it up with the edge of your table. Mark that line. I was very careful not to move (or roll) my dowel as I marked.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Next you’ll pin along this entire line. You can place pins as close together as you want but I wouldn’t put more than 3 inches between each one. You really want everything to stay put when you sew on that line later on.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Continue marking and pinning each side as you did above. You’re marking your blanket the same way you would cut fabric if you were squaring it up. Use the first line you marked–the one you know is straight–as a reference point to line up your other sides.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Using your walking foot (more stabilization? yes, please), sew on the lines you marked, stopping with your needle down at each corner, turning and going around the entire perimeter of your blanket. Leave open about a 5″ gap on one side through which you will turn your blanket right side out. I leave my pins in and just sew over them, being careful not to hit them with my needle (I read this tip on Kelly’s blog). I find this does a better job of keeping everything in place than if you remove pins as you sew.
Now take out your ruler and trim yourself a beautifully straight 1/2″ seam allowance. This is why I said not to worry if your edges weren’t perfect. It’s so much easier to sew on a straight line and trim later than it is to try to line up MINKY with two other layers of material and maintain a perfect square. Ask me how I know.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Turn your blanket right side out through the gap you left open before. Lay it back down on your table and take care to line up your edges nicely, smoothing out any wrinkles or shifting. Then pin it again, as before! You can still screw up your blanket at this point if you skip pinning because you still need everything stable when you top-stitch.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
Done pinning yet? Now you can top stitch around your whole quilt, folding in the fabric at your opening to create a pretty edge. Top-stitch about 3/8″ from the outside of the blanket.
I didn’t quilt this one because I wanted it super flowy and snuggly but if you want to quilt it you can do that now too. Otherwise, take out your pins and you’re done!
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
That’s it for my minky blanket tutorial! Go forth and sew some minky. May the force be with you.
Minky Blanket Tutorial - from Marta with Love
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RAVPower Review

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
If you are in the market for a portable battery chargerlook no further.  The RAVpower Luster Series power bank portable lipstick charger serves as an external power bank and also a flashlight. It's very convenient and portable, and the perfect on-the-go accessory to have at a moment's notice. 

This lipstick charger runs at a 3000mAh capacity. This would enable you to run your cell phone for 6 hours plus an extra 15 hours of talk time and an additional 60 hours for music and videos..... how cool is that!

Product Information:
Model: RP-PB08
Cost:  $19.99
Available on Amazon

* Available in 5 different colors.
* Works with iPads / iPhones / Tablets /  Other Mobile Devices
* 2.56 ounces  in weight, fits easily into any pocket, purse or bag.
* 3000mAH capacity with 6 hours of talk and an additional 15 hours for videos and music.
*  First-rate battery cells guarantee a fully charged unit everytime.
* A durable aluminum allow casing protects against unwarranted damage.
*Built-in flashlight offers 3 switchable modes, high/low beam and strobe flashing.
* Aluminum clip attaches the mini charger to your purse or belt loop for convenience.
* USB cable to connect your power bank to your computer of AC adapter for charging.
*  Automatic on/off function allows you to disconnect device without turning off battery pack.
*  Built in security feature for short-circuit and over-current protection.
* One year limited warranty.

The RAVPower bank is easy to charge.  Just plug the USB into any PC computer port or use any Mini AC adapter that came with your cell phone for fast charging. There wasn't any noticeable indicator that told me that the power bank was fully charged, but I left it plugged into my AC adapter overnight just to be sure. Note that if you use your computer to charge your power bank, the charge time will be much slower than if you used you AC adapter. Once your power bank is fully charged, it's ready to travel with you on a moment's notice.

With the fully charged power bank, I was ready to charge up my iPhone 5. Apple modified the USB input on theiPhone 5 so we can only use the cable that came with the phone.This wasn't a problem because all I had to do was plug my cable right into the power bank and let my phone charge.  When I plugged my phone in, the battery was initially at 65% charged.  It took less than an hour to reach 100% capacity and I was completely blown away. 
This is a must have device for anyone that uses their cell phones all day long.  Just knowing that you have a backup at your fingertips would give anyone a sign of relief.  There's so many situations that arise on a daily basis and if in an emergency, you'll feel secure knowing you have this tiny power bank giving you huge protection at a moment's notice!
 The product(s) in this post was sent for consideration, all opinions are my own. 

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Maty's Product Review

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
At Maty's they believe:
"We believe medical advancements have allowed us to live longer and healthier than any other time in history.  We are forever grateful for the drugs and medicine that kept Maty alive during her first five years of life, (read Maty’s story here).  However, we also believe we have become a society where people are resorting to drugs as the first line of defense for too many things, even the smallest of health problems.  And the irony is, the more sophisticated drugs we get, the more unhealthy we become."
"At Maty’s, we believe Mother Nature provides so many powerful healing ingredients that are safe and don’t require a doctor’s visit to get access to them. Our ancestors knew this and alleviated minor symptoms using substances known to them.  These home remedies were effective and in many cases worked even better than modern drugs and medications."
Do they work?  We have tried the All Natural Cough Syrup and the All Natural Vapor Rub (no petroleum jelly!) and I’m happy to say that I’ve seen results!
Without hesitation, I recommend Maty’s and suggest you try their products.  Food-based remedies means it can’t hurt, unless your child has a specific allergy to the product (the cough syrup, for example, contains honey), and you can feel safe having them around your house.  Maty’s get an A+ in this house! Check them out on Facebook too!
Disclaimer: I received a sample of Maty’s Health Products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.
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Fuschia Couture

Monday, March 31, 2014

About Fuschia Couture:
FC is the brand that is owned and operated by Emilion and Liliana, a husband and wife team, located in the heart of Sacramento, CA. Liliana has built this new brand from the ground up. She offers Women's Apparel,  fitness items, and many others (Along with custom orders!) She strives to be a responsible fashion designer and each of her creations she has the environment on her mind. She started to utilize eco-material such as Bamboo Fiber. And Soon she will be purchasing recycled denim for her creations!

Bamboo Fiber is awesome because it is very soft and static free. It is also an anti-microbial fabric.. The Fuschia Couture logo and trademarked name was influenced by the Zodiac sign and Kozminsky Symbol, and it also took the common misspelling of fuchsia. I really like this about the company as the logo itself means something.

You can purchase clothes from Fuschia Couture Locally in Ca, her Online Boutique, and Etsy.. She creates custom bikinis as wells as other custom orders. Have an  ideal of something you want? send her a e-mail and she will help you out!  

Locally in CA you can find her current collection in these shops 
1) Queens of Consignment
     5925 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95608
    (916) 488-3200
2) Sei Bella Boutique
     1950 Douglas Boulevard, Suite A3, Rosevill, CA 95661
     (916) 789-0404
3) Ravishing Retail and Beauty
     3006 Highway 49 Ste. A Cool, CA 95614
     (916) 284-1613

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from Fuschia Couture. 

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