New Mommy Makeover DVD's

Friday, March 14, 2014

Just because you are a new mommy (or seasoned mommy) does not mean that you should 'let yourself go". If you are tired of the unwanted pregnancy pounds you put on and want to get in shape this may be for you!

The New Mommy Make over DVD's series are a realistic way to get back into shape without getting board or hitting a plateau. It's a complete system broken into 3 phases so that you can advance at you own pace. Each phase has 3 new, 30-minute, full body workouts so you are doing something new and fun.
This program comes with a nutritional manual that was written by a dietitian/nutritionist who specializes in pre/post natal women. Colleen Riddle's New Mommy Makeover was reviewed as one of the TOP SIX postanatal DVDs in April/May 2011 issue of Fit Pregnancy Magazine, and won Fist Place for the 2011 parenting awards. 
New Mommy Makeover DVD series would make an excellent gift for a busy mom wanting to get back into shape. I'm starting the first DVD this morning! It's only 30 minutes long and on each DVD there are 3 different workouts. I probally will be doing then twice a week. In the DVDs there are lots of cardio and make other workouts including arm weights, jumping jacks and more! I will be updating you guys with my process of the results from New Mommy Makeover DVD's

Current Stats BEFORE starting

Weight: 135 LB... (Weight at end of pregnancy 158 LB.)
Weight BEFORE pregnancy: 115 LB.


smita sharma said...

I am curious about everything I need to know about getting a "mommy makeover" like the cost, the procedures, and if you have had the surgeries: would you recommend it? I know it's going to be extremely painful but definetly think it will be worth it. All suggestions welcome,

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